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Virus Cleaner. One of the fantastic apps to keep your Android free of viruses and all other trashes. There are hundreds of cleaner apps that we can find for our Androids. Among them Virus Cleaner is one of the best cleaner apps that you can download very easily from any of the App Stores like Google Play Store, AC Market and Aptoide. And also, it is free. There are some ads popping up time to time due to this free nature. It will sometimes becomes annoy. But still, this can identify as one of the effective and faster cleaner app.

The app plays a great deal in cleaning your devices, protecting you from viruses, cooling CPU and beyond. Can identify as all in one pack which leads you to maintain your Android in better conditions and ensuring safety.

Features of Virus Cleaner APK

virus cleaner Apk

As mentioned already the app helps to protect from many viruses that are invading our Androids. It kills almost all the harmful invader including malwares, trojans, spywares, viruses and etc. This is very effective in protecting your Android from the external invaders. Real time antivirus tool helps you to be free from any suspicious files when you are downloading some apps and also when browsing through the internet. you will feel 100 percent secured with this app in your Android. For this purpose, the app is equipped with the powerful antivirus engine which can detect any type of harmful files. This scans all your files within few seconds and detect all the harmful files letting them removed forever from your device.

Moreover, the app plays a great role in cleaning your Android as well. With the time many unwanted files get accumulating leading the Android becoming sluggish and memory full. The Virus Cleaner can reach every corner of the Android and cleans all the trashes thoroughly. If you need a smoothly functioning and virus free android the best thing to do is to download this nice tool.

In addition to the above services there are some other services also that performs by the app. These includes:

  • Cooling your CPU when its temperatures exceed the optimum.
  • Saving your battery life by hibernating all the background running unnecessary apps.
  • Also, boosting your device by cleaning your RAM.
  • Muting some annoying notifications popping up from time to time. Can manage the notifications as you wish using this app.
  • This also provides Wi-Fi security by identifying harmful networks.

Download Virus Cleaner for Android

Virus Cleaner application freely available on Google play store. You can search this app on your play store application and install it. If not click below download link using your Android phone to open download links.

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Downloads:10 Million plus
Ratings:4.3 Stars
Size:19 MB

There are many all in one Android junk cleaner and antivirus applications like NOX Cleaner, Clean Master, Phone Master. From them Clean Master and this virus cleaner apk provide much better service than others.

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