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Virus Cleaner – Antivirus, Booster & Phone Clean

Virus Cleaner Android

Remove all viruses and malwares that slow down your Android with Virus Cleaner apk. Comes with all the features like Antivirus, Booster and phone cleaner. Having all the security and cleaning features in one app like Virus Cleaner apk, helps to save storage and resources.

Protect your privacy and assets

People often tend to secure the assets that are valuable to them the most. We lock up our houses, put up vaults to protect jewelry and other important assets, and sometimes we put up walls to protect ourselves from emotional trauma and what not. This strongly applies to the digital world as well.

With the development of technology our entire lives have been digitized. Daily chores have been made so easy that you only have to tap on your screen a few times to get things done. But have you thought about your safety or your phone’s safety out there in the digital world?

You and I both know that the smartphone we own, is one of the most important things in our daily lives for numerous reasons. We cannot go a day without using our mobile phone for different reasons. The safety of your sensitive information must be protected at all costs. And for that reason, Apps Clean has developed and brought to you, the best virus cleaner just as the name suggests, ‘Virus Cleaner’, an antivirus, booster, and phone cleaner all in one! Put out all your troubles aside and start browsing freely with no additional cost or stress.

Features of Virus Cleaner APK

The app is dedicated to keeping users and their phone’s safe and away from malicious activity. The app comprises of highly comprehended antivirus techniques such as virus scanning, removal, and protection.

What’s so special about virus cleaner is that it provides real time protection against all viruses. It will scan for viruses and get rid of them then and there to keep your phone protected.

The junk cleaner on the app will allow you to get rid of all collected cache, residual, and unnecessary junk files that take up space and slow down your device.

You can also use the photo vault available on the app to hide your photos and access them only with a PIN of your choice. This will guarantee to prevent any leaks of your private photos.

It only takes one tap to boost your phone’s performance by freeing up RAM and killing any unwanted background tasks on your phone. This’ll increase the speed of your phone preventing annoying lags during games and other important activity. You can even just shake your phone to activate booster without accessing the app itself.

Browsing the internet has never been safer with Virus Cleaner. You can protect both your browser and history in one go, while surfing the net to your heart’s content. The Wi-Fi security on the app will make sure your phone is safe from unknown Wi-Fi networks when connecting.

The CPU Cleaner will prevent your device from overheating and help extend the battery life of your device. So, stop stressing and grab ‘Virus Cleaner’ today.

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