Super Phone Cleaner Android

Super Phone Cleaner
Name:Super Phone Cleaner
Last Updated:01st July, 2021
Requirements:Android 4.1 and up
Super Phone Cleaner

Space Clean and Super Phone Cleaner is an apk that is designed for your android to keep it cleaner. Do I definitely need to clean my android? Yes, of course you want to remove all the unwanted files that are useless for your android. The junk files are normally creating troubles for your android. The storage space will be consumed by these junk files and will make your android slower. If you have an android 4.1+ the Space Clean and Super Phone Cleaner is indeed helping you to achieve the target of cleaning and boosting your android. Best available cleaning tool outside the play store is Clean Master.
The app is very easy to use and it can be considered as a user-friendly app. If you want any service to perform by the Space Clean and Super Phone Cleaner you have to tap only once. The app will do the rest for you.

Here are some basic features of the app.

Space Clean and Super Phone Cleaner acts as a cleaner, booster, app locker and also a whatsapp cleaner.

If I talk about the cleaning property of this apk:
It cleans all types of junk files: including cache files, cookies, and residual files. You may sometimes wonder what these junk files are? Junk files are normally created by websites and apps for temporary use. So you have to remove these files and removal of these files will not affect the performance of the android. I addition under this category of cleaning the Space Clean and Super Phone Cleaner cleans all the junk files that are stuck in the whatsapp messenger, delete the junks of the uninstalled apps, cleans the phone memory and also cleans some big files like the audio files, video files which are used temporary and blurred or duplicated photos also detected and deleted. Furthermore the app Space Clean and Super Phone Cleaner helps to erase the notifications which are also considered as temporary used junk files.
The app will also provide an opportunity for you to lock some apps by offering an opportunity for you to secure your private data from a third party by locking it using an app lock pattern or a pin. Space Clean and Super Phone Cleaner also free the RAM which will lead to boost the device.

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