Phone Cleaner App Free

Why Android phones require a cleaner? Most Android phones specially Samsung phones are faster and smooth when it is new. With time phone get slower, slow charging and more. People does not want to waste time to remove not using apps, duplicate images and junks. Because it is time consuming and hard to decide what to remove. You can use Phone Cleaner App free to do this automatically.

Clean Master is a Android phone cleaner app free for all. This free phone cleaner app will provide all the features and tools required to have a cleaner Android phone. There are many premium and pro app cleaners that does not provide features and options like this app. Fast and support all Android phones.

Features of Phone Cleaner app free

Below listed only the main features of this free Android cleaner app. Click here to download Clean Master app and use all those features for free.

Most Android phones loses storage space over time. But storage space is fully covered or filled with unwanted apps, junks, duplicate images, videos and more. Cleaning storage space for new files is not easy. You can use “Junk Cleaning” feature of this application to remove all those unwanted junk files for free.

Junk files also cause your phone to slow or low performance issues. This free phone cleaner app which is Clean Master provide “Phone Boost” feature. This booster can hibernate and close background tasks and free CPU.

Does your phone get hotter while playing games, during a call or doing any other task. Use this free “CPU Cooler” feature to cool down your phone. This feature will remove extra stress or processors on phone CPU that cause it to hot. Less processors on CPU of your phone mean less heat.

Most free phone cleaners does not offer battery saving feature as a free option. Clean Master offer that feature for free. Android phone loses battery power more frequently when it get older and older. You can use free battery saving feature of this app to fast charge your phone and to use your phone much longer on battery life.

People allow access for notifications on every app they install. As a result, chance or losing important notifications are high. Many does not know how to clean notifications and block unwanted notifications. You can use this free Android notification feature to cleanup your notification panel.

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