MyPrivacy – Private Browser with free VPN

This is a private browser with many more features that helps to enhance your privacy and to have a secure and fast phone. This MyPrivacy App has inbuilt VPN, Photo Vault, Password Manager, Privacy Guard and many more.

A smartphone serving as a most trusted and confidential personal device has to be provided with the best care. Privacy takes a lead in this respect. Its users personal and confidential information all stored in the smartphone makes this an obvious and compelling reason. Taking all-time high is the MyPrivacy App. Its features will enhance the value of the smartphone in unimaginable proportions, serving all of the app users making them even more delightful. A pleasure to run through its main features briefly, 

Features of MyPrivacy App

Been a private browser, The Privacy app provides the most stringent privacy to its users. Often users miss to delete sensitive information from the browser history. The app will notify the users periodically on such information, thereby the users can delete whatever is required.

Privacy app with its ad blocker will keep away ads interrupting and causing inconvenience to the users.

The apps absolute privacy is further enhanced with the VPN. Be at any location without its details been transparently displayed. Super-fast in speed to access any Wi-Fi hot spot. Watch any of the favorite programs with no hassle of slow internet access.

Lock all of the apps in the smartphone with the App Locker feature.  FB, WeChat, Messenger, Snapchat, WhatsApp, Instagram, Twitter and any other. What better privacy can a smartphone user ask for than this?

There are bound to be content in the photo gallery, confidential notes in the notepad, and more of very personal important content that may even embarrass the user if seen by any other. Privacy App has thought of this well and provides secure encryption. Also, this acts as parental control in a way. Keep all personal and sensitive contents 100 percent safe and secure.

Password Manager feature will prompt the user to use secure passwords by indicating if a password is strong or weak when been created. No surprise hackers biggest enemy been this marvelous Privacy App with no chance of infiltration.

The Social Permission Feature will keep away the permission of been asked by various apps if the user wants them to be linked to public platforms such as FB or Twitter. This feature will enable the user to delete any such contents off their public apps.

The Privacy App is in a class of its own. It boasts of its features freely knowing that no other app is out there with all of what Privacy App has in it. You only got to load this all privacy guaranteed app and free yourself of any security worry, knowing you got the best guard in the whole world in your smartphone.  So, enjoy the very best!

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This app is heavily focused on security and privacy. There are apps like Clean Master app, NOX Cleaner app, Phone Master, AVG Cleaner where main focus is performance and storage space. You can try those options too. Click below download link using your Android phone to download this app.

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