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Fancy Booster is one of the best and effect Android booster application that has all the require functions to keep your phone run faster and smoother like a new phone. Has junk cleaner, antivirus, booster, RAM cleaner, etc.

Manage your Android phone

Having a smartphone or any other smart device can be exhausting. Unlike humans, it cannot take care of themselves and therefore, it is the owners responsibility to take care of his/her devices.

With all of the apps and files we cram our devices with, they tend to slow down, have short lived battery power, clogging junk files, heated CPU, and many other chaotic aftereffects.

However, with the hectic daily routine everyone seems to be having, managing a phone can be very tiring and indeed a lot of work. But what if I tell you that your worries are finally over? Fancy Mobile apps, just like the name suggests, have come up with an ideal solution to ease all your troubles and stress.

The all new Fancy Booster app is a cleaner, antivirus and a tool to speed up your device all in one go. It will help you get rid of unnecessary files and apps on your device leaving you storage as per your wish and get rid of any virus that is a threat to the privacy and longevity of your devices.

Fancy Booster APK

The cleaner on the app is super advanced and intelligent and knows exactly what to get rid of. All those junk files that’s been clogging up your storage, all apps running in your background which is of no use, cache that’s been piling up from the 101 apps you use, and all of these can be managed or gotten rid of by the smart cleaner feature of the app.

Surfing and browsing the web can also be super worrying due to the fact that many sensitive and private data is being stored on all our devices and malicious websites can use viruses in order to access them. But with the antivirus on the app, you can finally do your browsing freely with no stress whatsoever. It is a professional antivirus that will keep scanning your files and apps for viruses and keep your device well protected from untrusted sources.

Not only does it provide protection to your device, but it also boosts and optimizes its performance for numerous benefits. It will clean your RAM, storage and leave you with a faster and smoother performing device while helping a longer battery life.

The CPU cleaner on the app also helps against overheating apps and settings on your device and help boost battery life. It is also super exciting news for all you game players because the game booster feature will help speed up your games while playing!

Fancy booster is indeed one fancy app for all your android devices. Security, privacy, optimizing performance, and boosting battery life are just few of the many things the app can do!

Download Fancy Cleaner apk

You can easily download and install Fancy Cleaner apk from Google play store. No need to use google search or third-party Android app stores like Aptoide or AC Market. Just open default app store or Google play store and search as fancy cleaner. You will see this application on search results like below picture.

Fancy Cleaner apk

Select “install” to begin installation. If not click here to open play store link.

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  1. Super cool. I love short ads instead of repetitive long video ads. easy to do or use app features without being annoyed.


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