CPU Cooler – Android Antivirus and Cleaner

Life would indeed be tough without smartphones. All of those chores that are super conveniently performed using the wide range of apps that are available on your smartphone indeed makes life easy. It also saves so much time off of your daily schedule and allows you to perform tasks at ease. If you love scrolling for hours on your smartphone watching movies, playing games, online shopping, or even just scrolling through social media, you might have noticed that your device’s temperature rises.

Now if this happens more than it should, it results in your battery draining super-fast and is also bad for your device’s functionality. Therefore, keeping track of your device’s temperature is necessary. If you are aware of the frustration of your smartphone turning into a furnace, you need to check out the CPU Cooler app developed to keep your device’s temperature at adequate levels and also clean off all malware and harmful threats away from your device. The app also works as an antivirus and will offer you the best for just absolutely free!

Features of CPU Cooler app

The app performs a range of functions along with the CPU cooler feature that allows you to control the rise of the temperature of your device. Apart from that, the app also displays the temperature in real time so that you will always be updated and informed. The app works as a phone cleaner and phone booster to boost the speed of your device as well as clean all of the junk files and provide you with more storage space.

The virus cleaner will get rid of all the viruses that may cause harm to your phone and keep your device protected and also protecting your privacy. No third party will be able to access any of your data and all of your information will be safe on your device. The photo cleaner app will also very easily locate any of the junk photos, duplicates, and others while getting rid of them for additional storage space. Speed up your device with all of the above features and make the most of your storage space.

The app manager will help you take care of all the apps installed on your device whether you want to uninstall them, remove the packages, or do any such thing. With all of these features intact, the app is indeed going to make your life better and easier by making your phone function just as it should!

Hurry and get your hands on the app if you want to sit back and optimize your device while keeping it out of any harmful threats at the comfort of your very own fingertips. The app will indeed speak for itself and show you why it stands out from the rest out there! Do not worry as the app will take care of all the jink files, apps, manage the temperature, and also protect your privacy at all times. Hurry and enjoy the best version of your smartphone now!

Install CPU Cooler app

This is not a only cooling your phone. It can clean phone storage by removing junks, speed up performance, protect against viruses and more. More likely an Clean Master app. There are many apps like CPU Cooler. For example, NOX Cleaner, AVG Cleaner, CCleaner, etc. You can download many of those apps directly from Play store except Clean master. You have to download clean master apk from internet.

First open “Play Store” application of your Android phone. Then go to search and type “cpu cooler”. You will see this application on search results like below picture.

Android CPU cooler app Download

Select and install.

Cool down your Android phone

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