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Cleaner – Phone Booster APK

Cleaner- Phone Booster
Name:Cleaner phone booster APK
Last Updated:02 July, 2021
Requirements:Android 4.1 and up

By the name itself you could understand the use of the clean phone booster. The above app will be a cleaning app for your phone just like Clean Master APK. By the above app you will clean up all the clutter using the phone booster app. All the junk can be cleaned. Also you could extend the battery life of your device. Phone Cleaner is a fast app when compared with the other phone cleaning apps. Some of the users used the name accelerator for the above cleaning app.

If you haven’t tried this app earlier you can use this app and see about that. Certainly you would like to use the app. Then we will see some basic details of the app that you have to know before using this type of app. Those are some facts that are suitable for you as a user. Then I think this is the time to move with the specific features of the above app like Clean Master.

Features of Cleaner Phone Booster APK

Those are the significant features that contain in the above cleaner phone booster. Apart from the above features, there are some newly introduced features too. Then we will see them as well.

What’s new

Now you know all of the qualities that you wanted to know as a cleaning app. There is no other app that we can’t equal with the above cleaning app. The above app is rated as 3+. There are some advertisements contained here. Those are placed by only the app developer. But your experience and the performance of the app won’t be harmed by the presence of the app. Also, you can gain all the uses as in the above free of charge. You won’t pay any amount. The users can use this app without any worry because this is a permitted app legally. If you want to try this app you can do it. It will surely be an amazing experience.

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