Clean My Android

Powerful Phone Cleaner
Name:Clean My Android
Size:6.5 MB
Requirement:Android 4.4 and up
Installs:50,000,000 +
Last Updated:02nd July, 2021

Recently my Android got memory full and slow. It drove me crazy sometimes. Whenever I am doing something important and whenever I am playing a game my Android behave madly and so do I. I have tried different apps to overcome the above problems. From them the best solution I found is the app Clean My Android. With Clean My Android in my mobile the device is running very smoothly. So, here are some of the points regarding this cool app. I am enjoying much more benefits thanks to this app.

What is Clean My Android?

Clean My Android is a nice app that you can have in your Androids like clean master. It makes your device run faster and also it protects you from the external hazards like malware, adware, virus and etc. This app is very easy to use and is a light app too. It acts fast in performing any action you need. And is very powerful. The app also supports many languages making it very easier for you to use.

Pros of Clean My Android

Junk clean– the app acts superbly in cleaning all the junk files piled up in the Android. The junk files are considered as the files that are unwanted. The files which are used for once and kept aside are called junk files. They only affect on the Android badly by consuming space and making device slower. No harm to the device occurs when you delete these files forever from the device. This app helps you in this purpose. By following very simple and quick steps you can remove these useless files from your device making it faster and with more storage space.

This also help you to delete the duplicated media files, rarely used files etc.

Boosting your memory- the app helps to free up the RAM while boosting your memory.

Managing apps- this app helps in managing all your installed apps in the Android. If you want you can know the date and time when an app is installed and the size of each app too. If you want you can backup and restore any app you need. Or if you want you can hibernate some unwanted apps very easily by saving your battery and the memory too.

Protecting you – the app protects you from the threats while you are connecting to the internet via Wi-Fi networks. You can have a safe and a private browsing experience thanks to this app.

Acquire device info- whenever you need to know about some information about your device you can get the help of this app. You can have access to your CPU, GPU, power and memory information too using the app.

Antivirus- the app plays a greater role in protecting your device from the outside viruses that tries to invade your device. You can use the app as a nice antivirus tool.

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