Best Android phone cleaner app download

You will see hundreds or may be thousands of Android cleaners apps when you search online or Play Store app store. How to select best Android phone cleaner app from those. I have shortlisted my own list of best Android cleaners based on my experience.

  1. Clean Master
  2. NOX Cleaner
  3. AVG Cleaner
  4. CCleaner
  5. Click here for more apps.

You will be able to download all other apps from play store except Clean Master. Check end of this article to download Clean Master app. Above list of apps have different features and different performance on different phones. Clean Master is the most featureful app compared to all other alternatives. NOX Cleaner and AVG Cleaner are second best when it comes to features.

All those Android phone cleaners performance at their best to bring back performance and storage as much as possible. Many phone cleaners available on play store does have this much of processing power and result like on these apps.

You will find basic features like Junk Cleaning, CPU Cooler, Notification cleaner, Antivirus and battery saving feature on those apps. Apart from that some cleaners offer App lock, Photo cleaning, Safe Browsing, App Manager like features. Having all those features in one app helps for cleaner Android phone. Because having many apps for each task will consume processing power, storage space, battery and more.

Selecting a best Android phone cleaner is easier than you think. First check it really clean junks to have free storage space. Next check weather it ask to delete your important files like photos and videos. Good cleaner will aways ask permissions before deleting files. Because its owner’s choice to decide photo or video important or not. Time taken to boost performance and detect junks on Android system. Those are main points to consider.

Best Android phone cleaner app download

NOX Cleaner is best if you have Google play store. AVG Cleaner and CCleaner apps are not completely free to use. User complains about frequent and annoying ads on CCleaner app. Best options are Clean Master and NOX Cleaner.

If you want more features instead of Android phone cleaning like Safe browsing, Message lock, App Lock, File Manager, WiFi Security use Clean Master app.

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