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As smartphones become increasingly advanced, apps are using more and more data and storage space on our Android phones. As a result most Android phones run out of storage space. There are many ways to free storage space like clearing junks, clearing gallery and more. Here we are mainly focused on clearing app data using App Reset feature offered by Clean Master App.

What is App Data ?

App data is the information that is downloaded and generated while using the app. Generated data include user preferences, login credentials, app settings, and other data that is specific to the app. Downloaded data may vary depending on the type of the app you are using. For example,

As a result amount of downloaded data by apps increases reducing the phone storage.

Is it safe to delete App Data?

Yes it is safe to delete those data. But you may lose all those downloaded data. For example, Spotify may redownload offline music files when listening, Google maps may redownload maps for offline use and etc. Resetting is good for app stores, social media apps and messaging apps. Because it will not immediately redownload removed old images, videos, chat logs from storage space. It will be download if you revisited those data only.

Most importantly make sure to remember login credentials before resetting apps and games. You have to login again after resetting apps. Because App resetting will bring app to its original state.

Why Clearing Android App Data Is Important

Over time, the amount of data stored by apps can accumulate and take up a significant amount of space on your device. Clearing app data can help free up storage space and improve the performance of your device. Additionally, clearing app data can help resolve issues with apps that are misbehaving or not working correctly.

How to Clear Android App Data or app reset

Clearing app data is a simple process that can be done in a few steps:

  1. First download and install latest version of Clean Master App
  2. Open Clean Master app and go to “Tools” section.
  3. Scroll down till you find “App Reset” button. Select it.
  4. You will see list of installed apps with the size of App data.
  5. Select app or game you want reset and click “Delete”

When you clear app data, you’re essentially resetting the app to its default state. This means that all user data, preferences, and settings will be erased.

How Often Should You Clear App Data

How often you should clear app data depends on how often you use the app and how much data it stores on your device. Some apps, such as social media apps, may store a lot of data on your device and require more frequent clearing. Other apps, such as email clients, may not require frequent clearing.


1. Does clearing app data remove data storage in the cloud ?

clearing app data does not delete the app itself or any data stored in the cloud.

2. Does clearing App data improve app performance ?

clearing app data does not necessarily improve app performance for all apps.

3. Does it required to clear app data of every application ?

clearing app data may not be necessary for all apps, as some apps do not store a significant amount of data on your device.

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