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Vast range of apps and games freely available for Android devices. As a result, most of you tend to install and try those apps and games. However, as we install more and more apps, our devices can become cluttered, slow, and prone to crashes. This is where an app manager comes in. In this article, we will discuss the how to use App Manager of Clean Master to clean installed apps and games to boost performance and free storage space.

Why You Need an App Manager for Your Android Device

You will notice rarely used or never used apps and games if you check all the installed apps and games. You cannot neglect those unused apps. Because those rarely used or never used apps may utilize phone resources like storage space, CPU, battery power and more causing your phone to slow down and quick battery drains.

It is hard to check app by app for its size or installed date to decide whether you want to keep this app or not. Using a App Manager like Clean Master will ease the process. Clean master App Manager will display all the required information of all installed apps and games in one list making app uninstallation process simple and easy.

How to use App Manager Android

Follow below steps to manage and clean Android apps and games.

  1. First download and install Clean Master app.
  2. Open recently installed clean master app and scroll down till you see “App Manager”. Select it.
  3. Now you will see list of all installed apps.
  4. Now select “Date” tab at the top of app list. It will sort all installed apps and games by installed date.
  5. Now you will see list of apps from oldest to newest. This helps to find rarely used or never used apps quickly.
  6. Now select apps you want to delete by ticking the checkbox of each app.
  7. Select “Uninstalled” button once done selecting apps.

Advantages of Using Android App Manager

Using an app manager has many benefits, including:

  1. Improved device performance and speed. Since system only handle fewer and important apps only. No unused apps running on background utilizing CPU power. It will help to run your apps and games smoothly and efficiently.
  2. More storage space.
  3. Longer battery life.
  4. Better app organization.
  5. Enhanced privacy and security.


In conclusion, an Clean Master is a must-have app for Android users. It helps you to manage your apps, free up storage space, improve performance and speed, and enhance your privacy and security. By using an App Manager tool of Clean Master, you can easily organize your apps and games.

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