AMC Security – All in One Android Security App

There are many all-in-one Android boosters and cleaner like Clean Master. But not many all-in-one security applications like AMC Security. If you worry about security about your photos, videos and other information on Android. Then use AMC Security.

This Android Security Application provide protection when installing application, browsing web and more. You can password lock any Android app, gallery, photos, notifications and more using this app.

How we are close to our Smart phone

What would your answer be if someone asks you what the most important device in your life is? Your Smartphone would be the best answer indeed.

Almost all of us start our day with picking up our phone in our hands. Whether it is to set our alarm, check which day it is, store important events, reminders, shopping online, surfing the web on all sorts of social media platforms, etc. All of these tasks can be completed within a matter of seconds on your smartphone.

Your smartphone who does this much for your needs some pampering and safety too don’t you think? Keeping your device secure means keeping your sensitive information secure.

To serve this purpose, AMC Security app has been introduced to all android users for absolutely free. The app not only cleans out all junk and unnecessary files on your device, but it also acts as a security guard for your phone. It only takes a few taps on your screen to boost its performance, enhance your battery life and keep all your information secure.

Features of AMC Security APK

The app will make your device feel brand new with all of the features it has to offer. The one-tap smart cleaner feature on the app will clean all unnecessary files that seem to take up gigantic amount of storage on your phone with or without your knowledge.

We all love a bit of social media. Communication apps such as WhatsApp will store a large number of data and files on your device even without your knowledge. But with AMC security, locating these junk files will be easier than you think.

The app also acts as a notification cleaner to take out all those annoying notifications that disturb you and causes your device to slowdown as well.  You can now boost your phones performance using the features on the app that will allow you to enjoy a smoother and better gaming experience on your device now.

You can also hibernate auto-restarted apps on your device to get more memory and storage space on your device.

We would all be thrilled if we can enjoy more time on our phones without having to charge it constantly. With AMC Security’s initial mode & Ultimate mode an also Day & Night mode, you can now save up a heck load of phone battery and get rid of the constant charging.

The mobile security and privacy guard feature on the app will allow you to browse safely on the internet and also hide your photos, videos, and media to keep away from nosey neighbors and intruders.

You can also connect to untrusted wi-fi sources securely all thanks to AMC Security. Enjoy the ultimate secure experience and best performance of your device now with the AMC Security app.

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  1. Customer support is very good. I am using this app on mobile because I use PC version which is the best PC Cleaner.


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