Sticker Maker – Create sticker pack for WhatsApp using your photos

Create your own and unique sticker set or sticker pack for your messaging app like WhatsApp using this Sticker Maker apk. You can use any photo on your gallery to create stickers. Easily cut and separate the part you want as the sticker with Sticker Maker app.


Onto an item that was invented in Britain in the 20th century. The love for it still continues all over the globe. What could this fabulous item be? Stickers of course. The fascination of stickers by people of every age proves this. Why are they so obsessed?  Using stickers, are a good way of branding. One of the most visually striking methods to express our likes, hobbies, and opinions as well as to show off personalities is through personalized stickers. The kind of stickers used, can reveal a lot about their personalities. Kids will use stickers depicting their interests and likes.

Stickers continue to be a popular  and effective “ word of mouth” marketing strategy for many commercial purposes. Stickers could be just as effective as business cards or brochures because they all convey a precise message. And to give the world of stickers in the most amazing and fascinating way is the Sticker maker smart App. Here are some of its superbly built and designed features. Note the Sticker maker smart App will keep up to all what is said here, as mentioned at the start of this introduction.

About Sticker Maker APK

Make sticker sets of your own, import memes if want to, or crop your photos to add glamour. Pick up any photo from the gallery of the smartphone for this purpose. Create sticker sets for your pet, sweetheart, family, and friends. Just 03 simple steps are what is needed. One, Pick a name out of your pack. Second, add the stickers to the collection and use the fingers to separate them. Third, Release the sticker collection.

And you got just what you wanted. Sticker maker keeps regularly updating its collection, giving the widest possible selection to the users. With the Auto cut-out offered, will bring in the best of separation to selfies and portraits. Download any community stickers absolutely free. An unbelievable 1000 + stickers are added on a daily basis. Wow!

The smart app keeps bringing in new features from time to time. Here’s some of them. With the addition of the Selfie Cam feature, make yourself into awesome Animated stickers, of your imagination. Record with the Volume rocker. Activate with ease the selfie camera mode of the smartphone with the Make sticker’s Flip Selfie Mode button. Logging out also made easy with the Log out button. Users can move their sticker pack backups from one account to another. Forget communication with a lengthy text.

Use stickers from the Sticker maker smart App and substitute a lengthy text effectively and not missing out on anything that has to be conveyed. With the Sticker maker smart App in your smartphone, and its amazing features bringing in the world of stickers, have the most chilling times sharing selfies, photos all dressed up with the fantastic array of stickers. Sticker maker will definitely boost moods and get everyone so amazed, that the users will find relaxation that is most welcomed in today’s busy life and add up spice to your life now.

Install Sticker Maker apk

This is a free Android Sticker making application. You can use default App store which is Play Store to install this app for free. First open Google plays tore application and go to search. Then type “sticker maker”. You will see this application on search results. If not click here. Select and install.

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