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Without a special knowledge on operating smart phones clean your phone memory to get more speed using RAM Cleanup App. One Tap to clean memory or RAM for performance boost. Easily optimize your device for more battery, cooled CPU or less CPU workload, etc.


Out of the many innovations in the modern society, your smartphone is indeed one of the best. Not only does it help you to communicate with others but also with the development of technology, it has helped achieve hundreds of tasks and chores in just a few taps. Smartphones’ efficiency is one of the factors that makes them so essential to our everyday lives.

On a smartphone, you can do work at a rate that is practically unmatched. In some circumstances, they could even be quicker than utilizing computers. A smartphone is almost a little computer due to its size. The fact that smartphones provide access to the newest entertainment is another crucial feature. Long train rides no longer need you to lug along a laptop; instead, you may pass the time on your smartphone.

All of this with just a few taps. This is why your smartphone is one of the most essential devices in tour life. Therefore, taking care of it is just as important. The RAM and battery of your device is one of the most vital components in order to keep your device up and running at all times. And for this, the ‘RAM Cleaner’ app has been developed with the ideal features to serve the purpose.

About RAM Cleaner Apk

The program starts memory cleaning effectively with just one tap. RAM Clean-up will make your phone operate more smoothly! To help accelerate and boost your smartphone while conserving more power and keeping the CPU cool, clean (clear up) the memory (RAM). It is simple to fully optimize your smartphone just by opening the app.

The system and performance of a smartphone may be optimized without the use of any specialized expertise. If you choose, you may get rid of the animation. Total memory reduction makes systems operate significantly quicker while conserving energy for surfing, gaming, and the OS itself. This way, you can now be in full control of your device and the RAM. No need to worry about constantly running out of space or missing out for your most important files.

You can now perform everything smoothly on your device thanks to the all new RAM Cleaner app. The app also comprises of premium features such as, automatic close, Auto-cleaning feature that activates when memory use ratio threshold is exceeded. Text, foreground, background, and animation color choices to suit your needs, a quick and tailored cleaning where you may quickly begin cleaning with the aid of the side launcher, among other additional features.

All it takes is for you to install the app and enjoy all of its features for the best performance of your device. No more running out of space or even lagging. Your RAM will now be taken care of with the best app out there, the RAM Cleaner app for all android users. Get using the app and enjoy the best version of your smartphone at ease. You will now have full control of your smartphone at the comfort of your fingertips.

Download RAM Cleaner APK

This is a free Android cleaning and optimizing tool like Clean Master or NOX Cleaner. You can easily download and install this app directly from Google play store for free. Follow below mention steps to install.

  • Open Play Store application.
  • Go to search
  • Then type “RAM Cleaner”.
  • Select first application from the search result.
  • If you unable find correct application from search results click here to open it.
  • Now select “Install” to begin installation.
  • It will automatically download and install for you.
  • Select “Open” once installation completed.

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