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Junks and virus cleaning application that make your phone free of junks and viruses. Phone Cleaner and Virus Cleaner app will optimize your Android phone using junk cleaner, virus cleaner, booster, CPU Cooler, App Manager and many other free features. There are many other optimizers like Clean Master. But Clean Master app does not available on Play Store. You can try this cleaning tool that is available on play store for free.

Maintain sanity in your smartphone

While making the best out of our smartphones, we must always ensure that they obtain the required protection and care as well. Just like us humans, our devices too require some sort of pampering and cleaning up. Keeping our surroundings clean often helps one to maintain mental and physical sanity. Helps one to be more organized and productive, allows us to maintain positive attitudes and less stress in cleaner and more organized environments.

Due to this, our day to day life becomes much simpler and easier to live with. Our smartphones too help us achieve many impossible tasks while saving so much time and effort off of our busy schedules. With the all new Phone Cleaner and Virus cleaner app installed on your android device, you will now be able to maintain sanity in your smartphone as well as keep away all of those malware and viruses that may harm your data and devices well away from you.

About Phone Cleaner – Virus Cleaner Apk

Apps are scanned by Virus Cleaner to look for malware, viruses, spyware, and Trojans. It can also thoroughly scan the phone. It is really safe for your phone because it has a robust antivirus engine within.

Real-time protection while installing new programs is also provided by virus cleaning. With its junk file cleaner, CPU cooler, antivirus, app manager, and notification cleaner, Phone Cleaner can help you optimize your phone.

An Android device management and optimization utility is called Super-Fast Cleaner. The software has many cleaning features, including a cache cleanser and a memory cleaner. Your phone’s performance can also be enhanced by using Super-Fast Cleaner. With security features like virus cleaning and scanning, app locking to keep your phone secure and private.

The Cleaner software can examine your phone and delete temporary files, garbage, residual files, cache, and outdated apks. Your phone will operate more efficiently, and you will have more storage space.

The Virus Cleaner offers you reliable, real-time security at all times since it has been approved by the reputable anti-virus organization AV-ATLAS. To safeguard your phone against viruses, scan for and eliminate them.

One tap Boost of Cleaner is a speedy Booster that can clear background processes and free up RAM. And speed up your phone’s performance. You can also boost the performance of your phone even outside of the app even while the screen is on by just shaking your device!

The program also includes a Security Browser that safeguards browsing history and personal information. In order to protect your phone from unsafe public WIFI, the software can also identify phony WIFI and illegal connections.

The app’s App Lock feature will safeguard your confidential information by adding additional pattern passwords for security-sensitive apps like social media apps, Gallery, and any other apps you choose. It is safe and simple to unlock.

With all of these features embedded into the app, you can now assure that the Phone Cleaner app will guarantee safety of your device and sensitive information out there in the digital world.

Install Phone Cleaner and Virus Cleaner Apk

This is an free Android optimizing tool like NOX Cleaner or AVG Cleaner. You can easily download and install this app with few steps using Google play store. Go to play store and search “App cleaner and Virus cleaner”. You will see this application on search results. If not click below download link using your Android phone.

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