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The phone Cleaner App acts as an all-in-one memory boosting tool which allows you to clear out junk files, cool down your CPU and prevent overheating, free up storage and save battery life for your phone. It provides a variety of functions including cleaning up memory space, stopping apps from running in the background and saving battery life by means of power management options.

The Cleaner App is supported by an automatic cleaner feature that can clean unnecessary files to free up storage space. This feature can be set to run at regular intervals so that it always works while you’re not using your device which is a very convenient function for its users. The automatic cleaner function will readily clear out unnecessary files from your phone or tablet in order to improve its performance and save battery life. This includes temporary files, cache data and uninstalled apps. This ultimately helps save storage space without having to manually clear out junk files yourself.

It also has a powerful CPU cooler function which monitors temperatures and stops any apps that are causing the phone to overheat. This function is particularly useful for those who use their device while it’s charging, as this can cause a lot of heat which would normally result in slower performance and shorter battery life.

The Clean Master Cleaner App also has a power saving mode which helps you manage your battery life better by reducing screen brightness, switching off mobile data when there are no active connections and stopping or hibernating certain apps from running unnecessarily. It can also clear out unnecessary files as cache data and even uninstalled apps from your phone or tablet in order to improve its performance and extend service life of your phone.

Phone Cleaner App is available for free on the many Android app stores. It is recognized as a great app for clearing out unnecessary files and optimizing your device’s performance with over 1 million downloads and has an overall high rating of 4.8.

Android Cleaner provides a priceless service in this age of globalization and digitization, in which so many people live their entire lives on their smartphones and tablets. Therefore, regular maintenance is essential and is pivotal to improve user experience and to boost optimization.

Although there are other programs and applications that offer more extensive options and capabilities, this Clean Master App is still a reliable, clear, and user-friendly program for maintaining a device’s peak performance. A less cluttered Android device will run better, according to the simple yet effective premise behind Cleaner and that is the reason why the app is recognized as one of the best android booster applications for android devices which is favored by consumers worldwide.

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You will find hundreds of Android phone cleaners all over the internet that make it hard to select one. You can select two most popular cleaners for your device. Clean Master and NOX Cleaner are the best cleaners available right now. NOX Cleaner available on Google play store and Clean Master is not. Click below link to download Clean Master app.

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Use Google play store search feature to download NOX Cleaner app.

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