Fast Clean Booster APK

Fast Clean Booster
Name:Fast Clean Booster APK
Last Updated:21 July, 2021
Requirements:Android 4.0 and up

By the name itself I think you can understand the use and the service performed by the app. Full name of this app is FAST CLEAN BOOSTER: CPU COOLER, CLEAN BOOST PHONE. It cleans your device and speeds up your device for free like Clean master APK.

Then after that we are going to look deep into the app above. By using the fast clean booster app you can optimize your phone, and can extend the battery life of the phone. Apart from that you can clean the device deeply. So the fast clean booster is known as the best cleaning app for the year 2019. The fast clean booster is an effective app that every device has to use. Now you have got an idea about the fast clean booster. Then we will see features of this app.

Fast Clean Booster

Features of the Fast Clean Booster APK

  • phone cooler.
    • While increasing the usage of the phone the device will become at a higher temperature. The fast clean app will decrease the battery consuming apps and gain the phone onto the previous temperature. As well as that the fast cleaner is the solution for the overheating of the devices. 
  • Fast Boosting of the phone.
    • If you want to speed up the phone, the device is with more space. If the space is very low, the phone will decrease the Boosting speed automatically. You can play the games from your phone without any worry because of this fast cleaning app.
  • WiFi signal booster.
    • This above app will enhance the speed of the Internet connection of the mobile phone. That work can be done with the WiFi booster.
  • Battery Management.
    • The fast cleaner app will close all heavy loads in your phone. Thereafter it gives long life for the battery. By extending the battery life you can save power. Therefore the fast cleaner is a free booster app.
  • You can use this app with your mobile phone as well as with your tablet.
  • The fast cleaner is a user-friendly app that one can easily use.
  • Remove all the cache files and garbage files within the device.
  • It will analyze the power consumption of the battery life.
  • Fast clean booster apps will stop all apps that are running in the background.

The above app is rated for 3+. There are some ads contained here. But those are placed by only the app developer. Also you need to pay any amount for the usage of the app. These all are the features of the fast clean booster app. Now you can decide if you can use this type of cleaning app with your device. The decision is in your hands. I would like to say it is better you see the performance of the app by working on it. Try Clean Master too.

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  1. Some features are not working with new update like battery cooling. Does battery cooling required to close running apps and tasks. Nothing happens.


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