Bee Booster

Bee Booster
Name :Bee Booster APK
Version :v1.3.7
Size :6.5 MB
Package :com.fastclean.phonebooster
Category :Utility
Ratings :4.4 out of 5
Requirements :Android 4.4 and latest
Price :Free and contain in-app purchases
Last Updated:01 July, 2021

Normally, I am using my mobile frequently. As well as I am surfing the internet more offensively. Then my device got slower and memory full more frequently. Then I had to search through my mobile and find the least important things and delete them. But fortunately, I came across a wonderful app that which helped me to free from the above difficulties. That is the app Bee Booster.

What is Bee Booster?

The app Bee Booster is an app that comes under the category utility app. The app helps you to free from all the unwanted files in your Android Smartphone like Clean Master. In addition, the app plays a great role in cooling down your CPU, saving battery, boosting phone etc.

The app is FREE to download and install. As well it is very easy to use. The app is user-friendly. The navigation through the app is very easy and quick. Even a beginner can understand and use the app very easily and quickly. To do a task just few clicks are enough. No more worries on slower and a memory full Android.

Junk file deletion

It acts as a junk file remover. Junk files are the unwanted files that get collects in our Androids. Our Androids use these junk files temporary. We can identify cache files, cookies, residual files, files used when downloading and installing apps, some of the junk files available. The notifications we are getting throughout the day also can consider as junk files.

There is no harm though we remove these junk files. It is a must to remove these files. Removal of these files will indeed support for the smooth functioning of the device.

The removal of the junk files leads to free up your space by avoiding you from deleting the files manually. The freeing up of space provide space for the important files. And the app is helping you to enhance the performance of the Android as well.

Phone Boosting

The removal of the junk files helps to improve the performance of the device. It leads to speed up the Android. The app hibernates the unnecessary powerful and battery eating background running apps. It also leads to enhance the smooth functioning of the device. You can do any task you prefer without getting stuck if you have this Bee Booster app. Just one tap, the device boosts up.

Saving the battery

Battery saving option allows you to scan for the powerful, high battery consuming apps. And automatically it hibernates all the high energy consuming apps. This helps to save your battery life for a quite a long time. As well as prevents heating of the battery also.

CPU cooling

As mentioned above the app hibernates all the unnecessary background running, power draining apps. That leads to cool down your CPU just using a one click. The app detects the temperature of the device automatically and if it is high it notifies you to select the option CPU cooling.

Notification Blocker

I addition to the removal of the notifications, you can even block some annoying notifications from certain apps through this nice app.

So, above mentioned pros are some about the app Bee Booster. Own this and relish all the benefits. Be an owner of a smoothly running Android.

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