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One of the best To do app with simple and easy to use interface. Has all most all the basic features required for complete To Do app. Any Do comes with reminders, planner and Calendar.


In the days of past years, in any organization, its employees had to come up and maintain systems on the work they do. Stationary like diaries, exercise books were used for this purpose. And I have experienced this in yesteryear. To refer a record was not easy having to turn many pages to come to the point of what needs to be referred to.

Meetings of review were carried out with all members having to be present physically. Most times, these meetings takes a long duration due each member having to present contents from their individually maintained records and notes. And the head of the team also had an equally tough time in making relevant notes applicable for his reference. In this context, the best and the most welcome development has taken place.

The coming about of the Any do – To do list & Calendar Smart App. With this in one’s mobile smart device such as a smartphone or tab the past scenario mentioned here has taken a head over heels turn. Life at work is made so easy and convenient with the least stress of having to organize oneself like in the by gone years. Let’s make a quick review on what features this super smart app offers and is sure to convince one and all that it is THE BEST in its class, that had taken it to the top of the world.

About Any.Do – To do App

With the Calendar Widget, one can easily access all of the To-do lists and calendar events. With auto mode make the Do-list and calendar pop up on due dates and times. This way there is zero percentage of missing out on any of the due work Syncing is at it’s best. Will bring together the user’s device, google, outlook calendar events, to-do list events, Facebook events and the likes at appropriate intervals.

Thus, keeping away any confusion that may be caused with so many contents coming up together.  So many options are there for Reminders as, frequent, one time, location, and voice reminders. Share the task list with office teams, family, friends, or any others as wanted, and facilitate collaboration. Assign tasks to one another. – To do list & Calendar Smart App’s team, is all the time looking at bringing in newer and user useful features, such as calendar integration to keep agendas updated, multiple reminders, notes, file attachments and tasks to make productivity at its best.

Without this fantastic organizer the – To do list & Calendar Smart App wonder how on earth organizations will manage their daily affairs systematically. Never too late to go in for this incredible smart app. Let all the work organized be carried out the way planned, efficiently and neatly. Just watch the organization’s bottom line grow, so will there be a contented and satisfied work force ever ready to start on new projects to boost the organization to greater heights. All this is within instant reach of anyone, with the – To do list & Calendar Smart App.

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Download Any.Do apk

This is a free and simple To Do application for Android. You can install this app using default app store. First open Google play store and go to search. Then type “”. You will see this application on search results. If not click below link to open installation page.

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Now select “Install” to begin installation.

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