Antivirus – Virus remover Boost

Protect your Android smart phone against dangers with this Antivirus apk. This app can Remove viruses, clean your phone storage to get more space, Speed up, lock apps with fingerprint or pin, Wi-Fi Security, etc.

Protect your phone

Smartphones are one of the most essential innovations in the modern century. As per the great quote, “Don’t underestimate the power of smartphones and cheap internet”, the evolution of technology is mind blowing.

From multiple apps on your device that can perform multiple operations with just a few taps on your screen, to live video streaming and virtual meetings, technology is utmost developed in the modern world. Not only have smartphones brought the world closer together, but also saved so much time and effort off of our lives.

However, have you ever wondered if you are actually safe out there in the digital worked? The digital world is as vast and dangerous as the real world out there. Therefore, it is essential that you provide safety and security to your device as well as your sensitive information that is stored in your devices.

Viruses are the best way hackers get into your device and steal all of your sensitive data that may harm you and your digital assets in multiple ways. Therefore, it is mandatory that you possess one of the best Antivirus apps that is out there, the ‘Virus Remover Boost’ antivirus app for all android users for no cost whatsoever. Protect your device and information at all times.

Features of Antivirus APK

Not only does the app provide utmost safety to all your devices and information, but the features on the app are also of vast range and will speak for itself when we say that app is absolutely the best out there.

The app will protect your device from all of the trojans, viruses, malware, and all other threats and risks that may cause any harm to your device. Keep your information safe and well away from spam, theft, or any other attacks.

The app will protect your device in real-time so that you will be safe at all times. The app will scan for all viruses and block them extremely intelligently and also detect for malicious apps that are in your device itself. You can also use the private app lock for all your apps on your device if you want some added safety within your device.

You can lock all of your important social media apps with a Pin, fingerprint or even a pattern at ease. And that’s not it! Did you also know that the app helps you to speed up the performance of your device by eliminating all of the background apps and tasks that are unnecessarily running in your device.

This will help boost and optimize your device in one tap. The app will also help you to locate unnecessary junk files, duplicates, AD files and other junk that waste your memory and help clear up your android device. You can also connect security to any Wi-Fi network now thanks to the app that while ensuring your safety throughout. The app also helps to cool down your device and maintain longer lasting battery life! Do not miss out on this amazing app!

Download and install Antivirus Apk

You can easily install this app directly from Google play store for free. There are many such free antivirus applications like NOX Cleaner, AVG Cleaner, Clean Master, etc. Clean Master does not available on play store. Click here to download Clean Master.

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